Parasites Can Help You Avoid Autoimmune Diseases like Diabetes, Lupus, RA, and more

parasitesThis study found that worms (helminths) induced a type 2 immune response with T helper cells and increased cytokines interleukin-4 (IL-4) and IL-3. These responses help control inflammation, and enhance tissue repair. 

This further supports the hygiene hypothesis that we have less autoimmune and improved immune function if we are living in a less hygienic and sterile environment. I’m not proposing we go out and intentionally get parasitic infections, but we might consider not treating some of the parasites that are found and known not to cause human illness. There may be opportunities in the near future for use of this information to reduce the major shift that has occurred in our modern world to the inflammatory type-1 immune response, leading to more allergies and autoimmune issues.

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