BPA Highly Absorbed Sublingual- Time To Get Rid Of Plastic Binkys!

binkyThis new study shows that BPA (Bisphenol A), the endocrine disrupter in many plastics, is more easily absorbed from under the tongue than if it is swallowed. What is significant here is that the BPA absorbed from the mouth results in up to 100 times the levels that are seen when you swallow the BPA.  This is due to the fact that the BPA from the mouth and under the tongue gets directly into the blood stream and is not removed by the liver as efficiently as that from the intestines. 

So what’s such a big deal about endocrine disrupters?

It’s the 1-2 knock-out punch from pesticides/herbicides and the plastics that all disrupt the endocrine system of our children’s developing brains, bodies, and organs. The effect is to increase estrogen relative to testosterone which not only affects boys (and may be a big reason that boys are more severely affected than girls when it comes to autism and ADD/ADHD, anxiety, etc.) but affects girls as well.  

This study leads me to say a big NO MORE PLASTIC PACIFIERS!

Also remember never to microwave in plastic and stop purchasing anything in a can (plastic lined) or in a plastic container.  And yes, eat organic.

Read the study here

Dr. Paul

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