Calcium, Vitamin D, and Obesity

obesityIf you are struggling with your weight, take Vitamin D to get your vitamin D to optimal levels, and take adequate Calcium.  Loosing weight is not easy.  Despite being an athlete in high school, the thirteen years of college premed, medical school, and residency for me left me over-weight and out of shape.  I know that obesity now affects a third of our country and almost 2/3 are overweight.  I have tried every weight loss plan out there, but can say that in addition to portion control, avoiding processed carbohydrates and getting some exercise, having ample fresh produce will be much more effective if you get adequate calcium and vitamin D.

If you don’t have enough calcium in your diet, your body makes more fatty acid Synthase, an enzyme that converts calories to fat.  Increase calcium with adequate vitamin D and you inhibit this enzyme.  A high calcium diet with adequate vitamin D increases a process called thermogenesis, like turning up your thermostat and burning more calories.

If you suffer from severe obesity, and have undergone gastric bypass surgery, you will not absorb calcium well, and will need to supplement extra along with 2-5 times the usual dose of vitamin D.

Read the study on Dietary Calcium Intake and Obesity here.

Dr. Paul


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