Integrative Pediatric Patients are the Healthiest in Town!

excellenceMajor Health Plan quality report validates Integrative Pediatrics patients are the healthiest in town!  Physicians are graded by certain health plans on quality measures.  At this time, these reports are confidential and shared only with physicians to allow them to make changes to their practice that might improve care when compared to their peers.  The August 15th 2013 report for Paul Thomas MD (Integrative Pediatrics) shows the following:

PCP Utilization–  We are in the top 20% (exceeding benchmark levels)

Fewer emergency room visits, antibiotics given for viral conditions, and hospital admissions for respiratory conditions.

Annual cost per member is lower by $409

Out of 1000 members, we had 59 fewer emergency room visits than my peers.

Fewer ENT referrals, orthopedic referrals, CT’s, MRI’s, and Abdominal U/S’s.

We were however very poor in the percentage of children fully vaccinated. I wonder if over-vaccination might be making the children in other practices ill? Remember, we are in favor of vaccination, just doing it in a way that makes sense and minimizes toxins.  

Not included in this report are the significantly lower rates of autism in our practice (1 in 1000 instead of the 1 in 50 to 1 in 100 quoted in the literature for Oregon and the USA).  We also have a 1 in 67 case of autism for siblings of autistic children (compare that  with the 23% or 1 in 4 to 1 in 10 quoted in the latest literature for the USA).

I believe there are many factors that result in our population being healthier. Many eat organic, breast feed for a year or longer, avoid GMO and aspartame, take Vit D supplements and probiotics starting at birth, avoid the Tdap while pregnant, and don’t do the Hep B vaccine for newborns, 2 month olds, and 6 month olds unless birth mom has Hepatitis B.  We will never know which of these measures makes the most difference, but having healthy, normally developing children is not something we just hope for at Integrative Pediatrics.  It’s something we plan for.  For those few families who are less fortunate, sometimes despite doing everything right, we have unique approaches like determining food sensitivities and determining nutrient content inside the cells to get back on track.


Dr. Paul


  • Becca

    Excellent ratings! I’ve given careful consideration to your suggestions on vaccinating my baby, as well as Dr. Sears

    we had a fantastic schedule worked out with our ped in Sublimity until they gave her the wrong vax- the dtap pv & hep b today! Boy am I mad.

    Thoughts on how to fix her schedule???

    • I would just start doing the vaccines from here on in a way that makes sense for your family and the risk factors your family carries . Consider studying the vaccine book by Dr Sears and the information i have on earlier bolts (search :”vaccines”) and on my website

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