Causes of Autism- Heavy Metals

HeavyMetalsNumerous studies have shown that heavy metals are a major toxin, particularly to brain development.  This study compared 55 children with autism to 44 controls of similar age and gender.  The study looked at levels of metals in whole blood, red blood cells, and urine.  The autism children had higher levels of lead in the RBC’s, and higher urine levels of lead, thallium, tin, and tungsten.

How do you avoid exposing your future or unborn children to these heavy metal poisons?

Lead: If you live in an old home (built before 1960’s), don’t drink the water, get the pipes replaced, or have an adequate filter and be aware of lead paint exposures. Don’t live near a small airport. Small aviation planes still use leaded gasoline, and that means it is in the air around the airports.

Thallium: Banned in the US, Thallium was once used in rodent-killing bait (highly toxic).  It seems that the only avoidable source is living near a cement factory. If you do, then move!

Tin: Avoid stannous fluoride, which is added to most fluoride toothpastes. It is very high in tin. Also avoid eating from tin cans, especially those containing fruit juices. Avoid soil near dumps.

Tungsten: Tungsten is a very hard metal used on tips of drill bits, and saw blades, and welding rods. It is used in many industrial applications. Use a proper mask and eye protection seems to be the key.

 The other heavy metals that were not addressed in this study, are mercury (avoid “silver” fillings and multi-dose vials of the flu shots), and aluminum (present in many vaccines, aluminum cookware and utensils, foil, etc.)
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