GMO Wheat From Australia Presents New Dangers

The monster that is GMO, continues to shock and amaze me.  I sat on an airplane a year ago next to a researcher for Monsanto, who was so proud of the work they were doing and was convinced that the world would starve without the technology that Monsanto was bringing. I tried to get at toxins and information about possible issues with Round-Up (Monsanto’s pesticide that they modify seeds to tolerate so they can sell more pesticide).  He responded with the sincerity of a priest, that roundup was as safe as water!  There was no crack in his posture or armor. Clearly Monsanto had done their job well of indoctrinating him and brain-washing him so completely that he couldn’t even consider the possibility that their products could have any negative effects.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a new GMO wheat product being tested in Australia. Molecules in this wheat can mimic human genes with extensive genetic matches between this wheat and human genes that can silence human genes.  The new GMO wheat is designed to alter how the carbohydrate in wheat is processed and this may significantly change how humans store carbohydrates. Children born without the enzyme that is potentially being silenced by this GMO wheat, don’t typically survive past age 5.  Adults just get sicker and sicker, and everyone will be more prone to allergies to wheat.

If there ever was a time to go GMO free and avoid all wheat products, the time may be now.  I don’t think this GMO product has contaminated our wheat, but I wouldn’t be so sure about it.  I read a report recently of cross contaminated wheat here in Oregon. 


Dr. Paul

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