Recent Case of Measles Found in Portland

measlesMeasles is highly contagious and can be fatal (fatal to less than 1 in 2000).  A recent visitor to Portland for a tennis tournament from August 14-17 was found to have measles. The locations that this individual visited are listed here

The incubation is 7-18 days so if we are to see more cases in the Portland/Beaverton area, they will be between August 21st and September 4th.  The main symptoms are high fever, horrible cold congestion and eye symptoms, and a rash that can be very red and extensive.  I had measles as a child growing up in Africa as did all my friends and no one I knew died. I share this to help calm the hysteria that tends to spread when a case is identified in the area.  If your child has not been vaccinated and we end up having more cases in the area, which means there may be the beginning of an epidemic locally, then you should consider having your child come in for the MMR, if they need it. If you know your child is behind and you want your child to get the MMR, give our office a call.  If your child is at risk for problems with this vaccine (immune compromised, like HIV, or you may be pregnant or you have a strong family history of immune issues, autoimmune disorders, or autism) then you may have to protect your child by avoiding crowds and indoor places where you may get exposed until we are sure there is no more risk in the area. 

Follow this link to learn more details about measles.


Dr. Paul


  • Susan Jorg

    Does the MMR actually establish immunity? If so, how long. Please list sources of MMR trials. Please list adverse effects of this vaccine.

  • I was at a presentation this past year at OHSU on vaccines and graphs were shown that show once immune, it lasts decades. I check MMR titers a couple years after children get their first MMR and 95% are very immune, thus do not need a second “booster”.
    Adverse effects that are “established” include fever 1/6, rash 1/20, swelling 1/75, seizures 1/3000, pain and stiffness of the joints 1/4, temporary low platelets 1/30,000 and less than 1/million serious allergic reactions, deafness, long-term seizures, coma or altered consciousness. Controversial is the possibility that this vaccine may be a trigger for autism. I have seen this many times but never in children older than 3 years old when they get their first MMR.

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