Could it be B – 12 Deficiency?

CouldItBeB12Every year I read a book or two that are so powerful in the importance of the message, that I feel I just have to pass along a recommendation that this is a must read.  The book “Could it Be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses” by Sally Pacholok and Jeffery Stuart is just such a book.


If you just want a taste, visit their web  For a support group, try:

For a screening tool developed so you can determine whether or not you should consider B-12 testing, try here

My own take on this is that I will never go another day (OK, I may miss here and there) without taking 1000 micrograms of Methyl B-12.

If you are having symptoms listed on this list, I highly recommend you get tested first. There is value in knowing and if you truly are low and having symptoms, you likely will need to supplement B-12 for life or the troubles may return sometime after you stop supplementing.

Dr. Paul


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