Brain on Fire / Intelligence Locked In

Many of you have likely seen this, but I thought it worth sharing as it so clearly illustrates the power of a loving parent, and of parenting even in the face of what seems to be a very unreachable autistic child.  We know these kids are the most intelligent of all. There seems to be a real link in most cases with higher intelligence putting you at higher risks for toxins. 


This 11 year old first types the words HURT and HELP.  Her first words!  I have known severely anxious major depression patients to describe “PAIN” so severe that suicide seems the only solution. I have seen universal improvements for all autistic and anxious patients if they hang in there, things will get better as the body naturally heals.  The “fire” described by this child, is likely brain inflammation, body inflammation, and I wonder about the gut-brain connection. There is this over-stimulation caused by massive sensory input.  While most of us can block out enough of this “noise” to focus on things we need to learn or get done, for our kids with this brain inflammation, focus can be impossible, making it seem as if they are not “there”. But there are things you can do to speed the process of recovery. I would work diligently to stop all further toxin exposures:  eat organic, drink filtered water, get toxic mercury fillings removed if you have them and don’t ever get them if you don’t, get your minerals and nutrient status checked, take extra vitamin D, B-12, folate, fish oil, probiotics, and for an intensive approach to the gut issue, when the GFCF diet doesn’t get you all the way home, try the GAPS diet.


Follow Carly’s advise, don’t give up and your child’s inner voice will find its way out.

Dr. Paul

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