Don’t Let a Study on Vaccines and Guillaine-Barre Syndrome That Showed No Link Fool You

GBS-Myelin-GfxJust because a rare disorder like Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS) that affects 1 in 100,000 people was found not to be linked to vaccines, don’t be confused and assume therefore that vaccines do not cause any neurological issues. When it comes to vaccines and neurological issues, one has to understand the complexity of trying to sort out cause and effect.  It’s near impossible to design a study that looks at the effects of, for example, the current USA vaccine schedule and the increased autism rates, or increased rates of so many chronic diseases of modern civilization. 

We desperately need well-done prospective studies on large populations looking for clues.  One such study that was done to show the importance of taking folate while pregnant, was published this year in JAMA, Feb 13th. 2013.  Over 85,000 Norwegian women were divided with half taking folate and half not.  Those who took folate had an autism rate (children were followed for 6 years on average) of 1 in 1000. If they didn’t take folate the rate was 1 in 500. If you think about it, the autism rate over the same time period (study done on births from 2002-2006,  followed through 2012) here in the USA was 1 in 100.  Why  1 in 100 here and 1 in 1000 in Norway?  Moms here take folate with their prenatal vitamins.  I wonder if the fact that they do not give the Hepatitis B vaccine to all newborns, 2 months old, and 6 month olds in Norway like we do here in the States has anything to do with it.  My experience in my practice says it absolutely does have everything to do with it.  My experience is a rate of 1 in 1000, just like in Norway. 99% of my patients do not choose to give the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns, once they are educated on the fact that this vaccine has 250 micrograms of aluminum, and babies can only catch hepatitis B if their mom has hepatitis B.

I do think this study is very important, and while it was funded by the vaccine companies, I suspect the findings are valid.  They tracked 415 cases of Guillain-Barre in the Kaiser system in California from 1995 to 2006. This represented 33 million person -years (tracking about 3.3 million people for 10 years).  Two thirds of the cases had a documented GI or respiratory infection in the weeks before the GBS, and just 25 had received any vaccine within 6 weeks of developing GBS (18 flu shots, 2 pneumonia vaccines, 3 tetanus shots, 3 hepatitis B vaccines).  

In all my years of giving 10 thousand plus flu vaccines and tens of thousands of other vaccines, I have yet to have a single case of GBS.  When Menactra, to prevent the deadly meningococcal infections, and the Guardisil, to prevent cervical cancer in women and genital warts in all, were newly licensed, there were some case reposts on the Internet raising fears about BGS.  They have now had millions of doses with no increase in risk for GBS. 

Read the article here.

Dr. Paul


Phthalates (plastics) Linked to Developmental Delays

phthalatesI get overwhelmed by the big words and just too much information about things like phthalates, endocrine disruption, and developmental delays.  Here’s the bottom line:

Plastics are a definite part of why we are seeing so much autism, developmental and learning disorders, anxiety and depression, and much of the brain related symptoms.

But I thought you said it was toxins like mercury, lead, arsenic, and pesticides?  It is, but it’s all cumulative.  Don’t get lazy now. In Europe, where they are much more careful and consumer protections are far greater, many studies are showing people are getting close to the toxic levels of these plastic chemicals.

If you MICROWAVE IN PLASTIC, you raise your exposure almost 10X.  I can assure you just that alone will get you into brain altering levels and is SOMETHING YOU MUST NEVER do.

Phthalates, especially DEHP (di-2-ethylhexyl-phthalate), DBP (di-n-butyl-phthalate) and BBP (butyl-benzyl-phthalate) are known to cause reproductive and developmental toxicity.  Sorry, I had to list these in case we search for them later. Levels of DEHP are already near the daily tolerable intake (DTI) for the population as a whole so you can imagine that our children are almost all toxic. 

These chemicals have been shown to lower testosterone in-utero.  YIKES! That’s that same important hormone for brain development, normal development of our boys and a hormone that is known to cause severe anxiety when too low.  When you read developmental delay I hope you are thinking autism, autism spectrum, ADD, ADHD, learning and language problems, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and so forth.  

These plastics are highest in the youngest children, meaning either that they are getting them in the womb and from breast milk, which they are, or they are getting them from their food which they most definitely are (formula cans and all cans in general are lined with plastics) and most baby bottles are plastic, pacifiers and bowls and spoons and toys that end up in the mouth -all plastic!  If you microwave in plastic, you might as well put a plastic bomb in your child’s brain, and testes if it’s a boy.

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Dr. Paul

GMO Wheat From Australia Presents New Dangers

The monster that is GMO, continues to shock and amaze me.  I sat on an airplane a year ago next to a researcher for Monsanto, who was so proud of the work they were doing and was convinced that the world would starve without the technology that Monsanto was bringing. I tried to get at toxins and information about possible issues with Round-Up (Monsanto’s pesticide that they modify seeds to tolerate so they can sell more pesticide).  He responded with the sincerity of a priest, that roundup was as safe as water!  There was no crack in his posture or armor. Clearly Monsanto had done their job well of indoctrinating him and brain-washing him so completely that he couldn’t even consider the possibility that their products could have any negative effects.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a new GMO wheat product being tested in Australia. Molecules in this wheat can mimic human genes with extensive genetic matches between this wheat and human genes that can silence human genes.  The new GMO wheat is designed to alter how the carbohydrate in wheat is processed and this may significantly change how humans store carbohydrates. Children born without the enzyme that is potentially being silenced by this GMO wheat, don’t typically survive past age 5.  Adults just get sicker and sicker, and everyone will be more prone to allergies to wheat.

If there ever was a time to go GMO free and avoid all wheat products, the time may be now.  I don’t think this GMO product has contaminated our wheat, but I wouldn’t be so sure about it.  I read a report recently of cross contaminated wheat here in Oregon. 


Dr. Paul

How Much Vitamin D Can I Get From My Diet (fish, milk, fortified cereals)?

DDayVitamin D is important for brain development in the womb, bone development for your infant, cancer prevention for all of us, and our immune system just for starters.

I recommend everyone take a supplement since absolutely everyone I have tested has been below optimal levels and most have been deficient.  But what about all the milk you drink, or the fortified cereal?  The best natural source for Vitamin D is cod liver oil, and the fatty fish like salmon, herring, or sardines.

To get about 2000 IU of vitamin D, you would need to eat daily:
– 3 cans of sardines
– 4 teaspoons of cod liver oil
– 10 to 20 glasses of fortified milk
– 10 to 20 bowls of fortified cereal
–  50 to 100 egg yolks
–  4 to 5 pounds of shrimp
–  Half a pound of wild salmon.

Vitamin D made from your skin lasts twice as long as that from food or supplements. This is done with direct exposure to light, typically sunlight (although there is one light that can be purchased with the right wavelength for production of vitamin D here ). Compare this to sunbathing on the beach or your backyard which will provide 10,000 to 25,000 IU of vitamin D if you stay long enough  to be slightly pink 24 hours later.

Clearly it would be preferable that you spend less time than that which changes your skin pink.  You also may not expose your whole body. From the burn doctors we learned the rule of 9’s that helps us know how much surface area is involved:

Face – 9%
Arms – 18%
Abdomen and chest – 18%
Back – 18%
Legs – 36%.

You can see how exposing arms and legs for just a few minutes of sunlight with no sun screen can give you a good boost in your vitamin D levels.  The problem for most of us is that we have no stores of vitamin D so we would need to get this exposure daily to maintain health.  This is why I recommend a supplement in addition to some brief non-burning sun exposure.

Remember that SPF-8 blocks 90% of your vitamin D production and SPF-30 blocks 99%.

Dr. Paul


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