Tdap in Pregnancy: AAP Gets It Very Wrong

vaccine1The AAP (Academy of Pediatrics) has just published an article (link below) that justifies and gives a financial rationalization for injecting 330 micrograms of aluminum into pregnant women to reduce pertussis (whooping cough) in infants.  This is horrifying.  Aluminum is a known toxin to brain and development.  No studies have been done injecting any amount of aluminum into pregnant women, and no such study would ever be allowed.  I’m not even aware of any such studies on primates or even animals (not that we should poison them on purpose either). 

It is the callous disregard for common sense that is now so clearly part of our vaccination program here in the USA and around the world, that should make every parent wake up and start to analyze the value of each and every vaccine they agree to give their child.  I am not against vaccines and would hate to see them all abandoned completely.  I don’t however see any value in injecting 250 micrograms of aluminum into a newborn with the Hepatitis B vaccine, if that newborn’s mom does not have Hepatitis B.  One catches Hepatitis B from sex and IV drug use.  Last time I checked, babies don’t have those risk behaviors. 

I certainly don’t see any justification for injecting a toxic dose of aluminum into a woman EVER for any reason.  The cocooning program to protect infants (where we vaccinate all the caregivers of that infant) was just gaining momentum and starting to work. In Oregon with our 4 million population and 40,000 births, we have not had a single case of pertussis in infants in the past few years since we became more involved in the cocooning approach. 

Parents and parents to be, just say NO to Tdap during pregnancy.

Please share this message with all you know. We are about to see damaged children (think autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, allergies, etc.) at levels never seen before.  It will take several years and when the rates of these disorders climb again, the establishment will throw up its arms in dismay and wonder why.  They will never think about this seriously flawed idea of poisoning babies while still in the womb.  Do you think they should at least study such a crazy idea before making this recommendation?  Somehow, the committees that make vaccine recommendations are not subject to the same guidelines that researchers are.  They can just say “do it” and it’s done, no study, no problem.  I guess the population of this country is the study.

A look at where we are so far might give you a clue to how that study is coming along.  JAMA Feb 13th 2013 article on Autism rates in Norway for 85,000 pregnancies with children born in 2002-2006 and followed for an average of over 6 years showed autism rates of 1 in 500 in moms who didn’t take folate and 1 in 1000 in those who did.  Here in the USA, moms take folate and at that same time our autism rates were 1 in 100 to 1 in 150.  Why the difference?  Might it be the fact that in Norway 99% of moms do NOT get the Hepatitis B vaccine for their newborns, 2 months, and 6 month old babies with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum.  I’d be shocked if the countries like Norway would ever allow the injection of this much aluminum into their pregnant moms, for any reason.  Nor should you.

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