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    Our son has now 2years and 4 months. About 3 months ago he had a diagnosis of autism spectrum. We seek an expert and he assured us that is not the case. This second doctor asked a chromosome analysis that the result was normal and a test for Williams syndrome, which was negative. The orientation was to stop research for at least four months and during this period carry the speech therapy sessions and stimuli directed at behavioral therapies, occupational and sensory. We are doing this for almost 3 months and have noticed some improvement.
    Today Anthony donĀ“t speak a word, he only babbles and understands most commands. Although he walk normally, we realise that there are difficulties with his balance.
    The pregnancy was normal. Anthony was born with 39weeks and 2days, with 50cm and 3310kg. With just 20days he was diagnosed with allergies to milk protein. My wife Breastfeed him with a diet without milk consumption and spent the complement breastfeeding at 6 months of age, then we introdue him a specific milk called Pregomim. Our son had reflux and we could not sit him often. He did physiotherapy sessions to strengthen and with 8 months sat alone, with 1year 4 months he started walking without help from anyone. Always fell largely because of the difficulty of balancing themselves.
    He has always been at the minimum weight curve (sometimes below) and the maximum height curve. he is a child who eats relatively well and very healthy (vegetables, rice, grains, pasta, meat, fish and fruit) Like a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and meat. Always eat a good amount compared to other children, but never put on weight. An interesting factor is that it has a lot of drooling and routinely gets cold and runny nose. Last year took antibiotics 5 times due to this.)
    He is gaining more weight now because we are giving medicine to whet your appetite. This remedy is called Cobavital (Each ml of syrup contains 5 after reconstitution: 1 mg cobamamide, cyproheptadine hydrochloride 4 mg Excipients: sucrose, methylparaben, propylparaben, fragrance, tricalcium phosphate, colloidal silicon dioxide, deionized water qs. 5 ml) after reconstitution syrup contains 0.539 g / mL sugar in the form of sucrose.
    Anthony is a very happy child, relates with us very well, do not care to be touched, likes to cuddle, watching us in the eyes. At 4 months babbled very clear sounds emitted around 1 year (given, etc.) and noticed that some acquisitions have been lost over time.
    An uncle of us who lives in England who presented us your book. Reading, we see much that resembles the picture of Anthony. We showed our pediatrician and we did a blood tests to detect low B12 and other vitamins. For the parameters of Brazilian level it was normal b12 at 687.0 PG/ML and Zinc slightly low and the other tests at the level of normality. We started to give him supplemental Zinc (Zinc 3mls daily and 3mls of B12 daily).
    We strongly believe in B12 and found that fits in our case. We would like a guidance of what to do. We are giving the correct amount of B12? We should increase? If we take a larger dose than necessary for some mischief? And Zinc? What better food? Are there any foods that “steal” these vitamins? What tests should we do in Brazil? We can talk by phone? can we take him to you?
    We really need your help and we are really believing in the recovery of our baby.

    Best regards,
    Christiano Khouri de Oliveira

    Cel: 55 (11) 98106-2662


  • Thanks for your reply. I cannot give medical advice without evaluating your child. Since you are in Brazil, clearly it would be a huge challenge for you to be my patient. For advice in general about nutrients and supplements consider the autism research institute, the recent book by John Panghorn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12-zkglQ45k. If absolutely necessary and you were able to travel to Portland, Oregon for a weekday appointment on a Friday morning (spectra cell micronutrient testing) could be sent off and we may be able to determine if there are micronutrient issues inside the cells. You may want to look into whether or not there is anywhere there to get injectable methyl-B12.
    Wishing you success in your quest for health for your child.

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