Genetically Modified Wheat (banned) Found in Oregon

FrankenwheatAt the January 1999 biotech industry conference, Monsanto executives described their ideal future as “a world with 100% of all commercial seed genetically modified and patented” (from Seeds of Deception, pg 1). Monsanto does have a dominant position with over 90% of the GM food market, and protections from the US government – 

The discovery of a faulty (dangerous) strain of genetically modified wheat crop appearing in an Oregon field has the world up in arms and we should be too. If genetic modification of food is to continue, clearly there needs to be severe oversight with destruction of all undesirable seeds and long term (decades) of testing on the stability of these modifications and their potential affects on the environment and health.  

If all farmers in the USA, who are going to or are already loosing money because the rest of the world wisely will not import crops from us, file lawsuits against Monsanto and other companies who are genetically modifying plants for their loses, perhaps we could put an end to this ridiculous concept that we can do better than nature has. I don’t mean throw out all technology, just the industry-driven, profit-driven manipulation of food.

A report, “The Case for A GM-Free Sustainable World”, by the Independent Science Panel (ISP)  – link below – points to a few key reasons to completely avoid and ban all GM foods, including:

– Lack of accountability in the GM science community (our Oregon rogue wheat experience illustrates this).

– Lack of independent scientific research into the hazards of GM  (most or all is done by the industry themselves which is a huge conflicts of interest).

– Political and commercial conflicts of interest.

– Continued denial of the extensive documented risks.


Dr. Paul

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