GMO’s: Profit from Poison- The Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Monsanto (a major chemical company) has been modifying seeds to tolerate the herbicide Roundup. By doing so, Monsanto is able to sell more Roundup for agricultural and home garden use. Their long-range plan was to patent and have rights on most of the seeds in the world, and thus dominate the world’s food supply. However, the GM process is much worse than you may imagine.

In 2013: 85% of corn grown in the United States was genetically modified.
91% of the United States soy production was genetically modified.
88% of cotton grown in the United States was grown from genetically modified seeds.

If you are not eating organic corn or soy you are eating GMO food.
If you are buying anything in a box, can, or bag, you are most likely eating GMO food. GMO foods have been banned in Europe.

Animals will not touch GMO food if they have the choice to eat non-modified natural food. This is true for cattle, hogs, Canadian geese, raccoons, mice, and chickens.

The process of modifying these genes is done by splicing genes from other species into the crop genes. At the cellular level however, there can be genetic material transferred to the consumer. Imagine bacteria starting to manufacture pesticides in your gut.

There are huge negative health effects from GMO foods. It is all about food safety, and despite the reassurances from the chemical companies, the FDA, and the “experts”, plenty is now known to be able to say without a doubt that GMO foods are not safe and should never have been allowed period.

BOOK: Jeffery Smith “Seeds of Deception” is a must read.

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  • Susan Jorg

    I certainly agree with Jeffery Smith on the negative effects of GMO foods. I also see a correlation: Pharmaceutical companies profit from poison, also. If we eat right–something in the realm of Dr. Colin T. Campbell to Dr. Mercola–our immune system will be impenetrable and our body will not be prone to the effects of aging that poor diet causes. In the long run drugs have a negative effect just like GMO’s. Medical doctors need to move away from drugs and be health coaches, or suffer sleepless nights from the damage they have wrought.

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