HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) – Hidden Sources

fatsogiraffeHigh Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is so bad for you. Consider it poison and make a decision to never eat anything with it.  Why do I say this?  For two main reasons:

1.  Corn in the USA is genetically modified and thus nutrient depleted but may have other unknown side effects.  We Americans are the human experiment.

2.  This is food for the bad bacteria in your intestines, which you need to start thinking of as a major contributor to mental health issues and developmental challenges.


HFCS was created in the 1980’s and initially wasused as a cheaper option for soda than sugar.  If you’ve ever travelled over seas and drank a soda with real sugar as the sweetener, you can taste the difference (not that I’m promoting sugar either).  In 1982, 26 pounds of HFCS was delivered for every person in America.  By 1997 that number is 60 pounds per person.  If you think back just a century ago, our sugar intakes were very low, and our ancestors before the farming revolution would have occasional honey when they stumbled on it.


Sugar and HFCS is perhaps one of the most deadly of foods in our modern world.  For many, there is nothing wrong with it for a rare (once a month) treat, but in the daily doses we now consume, our intestinal flora are having a field day and we are far less healthy because of it.  Add to that the obesity epidemic, clearly largely a result of hyper-insulinism (insulin resistance/ syndrome X/ pre-diabetes) where, due to all the exposure to sugar and HFCS, our cells become resistant to insulin.  The body makes more and more insulin in an attempt to keep blood sugar stable, the result is storage of fat and thus the obesity (BMI over 30) that now affects 1/3 of the population and 2/3 of us are over-weight (BMI 25-30).


So you might think if you avoid soda you’ll be ok right?  Think again.  HFCS is now in most fast food (with salt and enough HFCS, almost everything tastes good).

The article below illustrates a few other examples of foods you might not have suspected to have HFCS

– Progresso bread crumbs
– Sunsweet prunes
– French’s flavor infuser
– Kraft Catalina dressing
– Kraft miracle whip
– Vlasic bread and butter pickles
– Mott’s original applesauce
– Krusteaz cranberry orange supreme muffin mix
– Heinz 57 sauce
– Campbell’s healthy request vegetable soup


You just must read labels, and better yet avoid anything in a bag, box, or can as you can almost guarantee it will contain MSG hidden in the label as “natural flavors” or some other stealth ingredient. I know this sounds old fashioned, but eating real food (produce) and preparing your food at home, is perhaps the most important health decision you can make for your family and yourself.




Dr. Paul


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