Health Coaching- Who Is Your Health Coach?

healthcoachI feel like we all need a health coach.  I have noticed that most of us do much better when developing a new habit if we have someone to help keep us accountable.  Have you noticed that exercising consistently is much easier to keep up if you have a work-out buddy?  Staying on a good eating plan is so much easier if your spouse or family is also eating right. 

This journal on Global advances in Health and Medicine (link below) has numerous articles on health coaching.  One points out that genetic material can be empowering rather than fatalistic.  That’s my take on it.  So many people wrongly think that genetics are like a blue print of a house and what that blue print says is how it will be. This just not the case in 99% of the genetics we are learning today.  The genetics we are discovering is of the epigenetic variety, and this is genetics that responds to the environment and thus we can change our genetic destiny by knowing where our genetics are vulnerable. If you have the MTHFR gene defect, you will benefit tremendously from supplementing B-12 and avoiding aluminum, lead, and mercury toxins.  We each have over 2000 such epigenetic glitches.  These are just opportunities, as we learn more, we can begin to make life-style changes that will greatly improve our health. 

Health coaching is about becoming empowered to make the difficult life changes.  If you follow my blogs and YouTube videos, you have seen that most are somehow educational and have a message that can improve your child and your family’s health if implemented.  In our “fee for service” medical system, there is not a mechanism to get compensated for health coaching, so I use this blog and YouTube format to be a virtual coach.  I do feel that more intimate, small groups working on specific issues with a coach might best enable families to make the difficult transitions.  Imagine a coach for weight loss, one for implementing the GFCF or GAPS diet, one for behavior management of difficult toddlers, and another for teens.

This clearly is a direction our health system needs to move towards, as there is so much information and so little time to implement the knowledge.  It will take a team of caring and concerned health professionals to band together and form these coaching groups.  In the mean time, be proactive, learn all you can, and start implementing changes for your family.  There are certain changes everyone should make if they can:

– Eat organic
– Exercise more
– Get enough sleep
– Drink enough purified water
– Get rid of food from cans, boxes, bags, etc., and get back to home-cooked, real produce eating


OK, that’s a starting point.

The reference below is an entire journal on this topic of health coaching. Not required reading for anyone, but a great resource on the topic.


Dr. Paul


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