Understanding the Politics of Food

profitfrompoisonIn my career as a pediatrician, I have been aware for over 15 years that the formula companies and the pharmaceutical companies (makers of vaccines, antibiotics, and drugs for ADHD, depression, etc.) have huge influence over the Academy of Pediatrics.  Initially, I fought this notion and, as a member would, confidently defend my independence of thought and the integrity of the Academy of Pediatrics.  What became apparent though is that the influence is subtle but calculated and persistent. The company has an agenda to sell their product and to educate us on its usefulness, benefits, and values. They do not have any interest in educating us about natural alternatives that might be safer or better for our children, and that’s where it starts.  Studies are published that support their position and no studies are done on natural alternatives that don’t have a profit motive.  

When it comes to the food industry, my wake-up call was this past year (forgive me that it took this long) when I read the book “While Science Sleeps” see http://www.whilesciencesleeps.com

This gives the history of aspartame and the fight that the food industry put on to get this poison into our food.  Now that they have aspartame in the food, the industry that has billions to gain or loose, does everything in its power to mislead us.  This same deception and profit driven motive has resulted in the manipulation of registered dieticians by the food industry and, largely, has everything to do with the obesity epidemic in our country with 2/3 of us over weight and 1/3 obese.  Our children are not going to have as long of a life span as we did for the first time in history, and this can largely be attributed to our SAD (Standard American Diet) which is increasingly processed and genetically modified and lacking in vital nutrients.  


The link below provides an organization that has been working hard to expose the tactics and problems with the conflicts of interest within the food industry.


Dr. Paul

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