Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: What You Need To Know About SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) / Crib death.
This is an unspeakable tragedy. To honor those who have suffered this here are some suggestions:

1. Have your infant sleep on their back until they can roll over, on a firm surface.
2. Avoid anything that may smother your infant,such as pillows, blankets, or bumper pads in the crib.
3. If co-sleeping, have a firm surface in your bed so they can safely be with you.
4. If baby is sleeping on your chest, have them up high so they cannot smother.
5. Keep cats away from sleeping babies (they can sleep on your baby’s head).
6. Don’t over-heat (dressed with too many clothes, or room too hot).
7. Don’t smoke around your baby, and never in the house. Please quit for your baby’s health and your own.

Dr Paul


  • Susan Jorg

    You forgot to warn about brain injury from vaccines:

  • Angela

    I would also add, Breastfeed, keep baby is same room or safely co-sleep, and be aware of toxins that are in mattresses and varnish on cribs. In New Zealand they started a “mattress wrapping” campaign that dramatically reduced the rate of SIDS. The idea is that these babies are breathing in the fumes of the chemicals, flame retardants, etc. in the mattresses. Buy organic mattresses and let them air out before putting baby on them.

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