Lyme Disease Not Linked to Autism

tickI am constantly on the look-out for the causes of autism, as I do believe in figuring out this puzzle we also figure out much of the ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning issues, language issues, and indeed most brain based issues we see so much of today.

I am certain it is not one thing, so one needs to keep an open mind as you hear another theory, and it’s quite possible that for your particular child, maybe you have stumbled on the answer.  I have found that for most that have reversible autism, the answer lies in correcting the gut, either through a whole foods organic diet, a GFCF diet, or a GAPS diet approach.  For many, there are multiple nutritional deficiencies that, once addressed, progress is made (Vit D, B12, folate, B6, and many others).  For many, it seems to be toxin induced, as tests will show that child to have an abundance of heavy metals and there are so many toxins we just don’t even test for.  I’ve had a few patients convinced that Lyme Disease was the cause of their child’s autism or other chronic symptoms.  Some tests that may be used have a very high rate of cross reactivity to other things, thus the Lyme test can come back positive when it’s just a cross reaction to other antigens.  

The study below seems to clarify and support the notion that there is not a connection between Lyme and autism.  If you have somehow cured your child from autism by treating them for Lyme, then your child would certainly be one of those rare exceptions.  We certainly know that Lyme can affect the brain.  It would, however, be worth using these reliable tests (IGG and IGM) to Lyme by Elisa and Western Blot against Borrelia burgdorferi (the causative agent in Lyme disease).

Dr. Paul

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