Obesity in Children: What Can Parents Do?

With all the advances in medicine, why are we having all these challenges?

Key Factors:
Take responsibility for what goes into your child’s mouth. We need to eat healthy and exercise.

Energy in equals energy out. Infants rarely have challenges with obesity as we can control what they eat. By the time they reach school age, for most of them, it’s too many calories and not enough exercise.

If you lived on a farm and consumed just produce, most of your carbohydrates would be complex and full of fiber. You would be outside exercising and you would be consuming a lot less highly refined foods.

– Aspartame (Nutrasweet)
– Highly refined flour and processed foods. These cause insulin spikes which cause fat storage. 

EAT: Real, whole food, including lots of  produce (fruits and vegetables).


Dr Paul

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