Increased allergies in US kids – CDC Reports

Monsanto2If you lived 30-50 years ago, you likely know that allergies were a relatively rare thing.  Parents in the USA today either have a child suffering from food intolerances, food allergies, eczema, asthma, or they know others who are struggling with these issues.  The CDC report (link below), shows that food allergies rose from 3.4% to 5.1% (a 50% increase) and skin allergies rose from 7.4% to 12.5%, about a 70% increase over the past decade. Respiratory allergies are now listed at 20% (yes that’s one in 5 kids) for the ages 10-17. 

Folks, this is a lot of illness and distress now affecting perhaps a third of all children. 

If I am a parent or parent to be, I’d like to know why, and what I can do to raise a healthy child in this today’s world.  Our experts, including government leaders and doctors, will tell you that it’s a mystery and no one knows why. That is rubbish.  There are a few very good reasons why, but the truth is inconvenient and would take a 180 degree reversal in policies to change.  So as a parent, you’ll have to take bold steps or be a statistic.

1.  During pregnancy (moms start in the 3rd trimester) and starting from birth for babies – take a studied probiotic (HMF line from Seroyal).

2.  No GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).  The process used for GMO foods could be 90% of the reason we are seeing all these allergies

3.  Avoid as many unnecessary vaccines as possible, especially during the first year of life, while pregnant, and those with aluminum. 

     ( I consider the TDaP, Prevnar, and Hib necessary and important for infants to prevent whooping cough, meningitis, and other serious infections)

4.  Avoid antibacterial soaps and let your kid get dirty (see the movie “Babies” to get an idea of how dirty an infant can be). 

5.  Feed your baby solids earlier (good to start by 4 months age) but absolutely make it organic and GMO-free, no honey until a year old, and avoid choking hazards.


Item number 2 – No GMO – is a huge undertaking, but absolutely essential.  For more details to convince you of the importance of this recommendation, I recommend you read the book “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffery Smith.  This grand experiment of genetically modifying food that is largely a Monsanto effort with our governments support just simply must be stopped. The GMO process of entering genes from one species into another can and has resulted in genetic changes that can then become a part of the bacteria that live in our intestines.  Imagine having the bacteria in your intestines manufacturing their own pesticides.  It won’t be enough to just avoid pesticides on your food.  The GMO process or through cross species gene transfer has created genes that make it possible for the plant to manufacture their own pesticides. Thus your own body is now making the very toxins that cause brain and immune system issues. 

Europe and 27 countries have banned GMO and will not import food from the USA.   What was started with hopes of making the USA the world leader in high technology food production will not only destroy our agricultural economy but may indeed lead to the greatest health disaster the world has ever known.   We don’t have time to wait for another 10-20 years for the “experts” and the leaders of the country to take a stand on this.  Sadly due to the political influences on our elected officials, they are powerless.  Even the people, who are in favor of labeling GMO foods so we can know how to avoid it, cannot overcome the powerful misinformation that Monsanto spreads around election time.

Dr. Paul

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