Infant Colic and Migraines?

colicWhile I find this hypothesis a bit of a stretch, that colic is actually a migraine in infants, there may be some overlap logic here.  First, I will say that most parents of a baby with colic seem to notice that motion works to calm the child and that they will often draw their legs up as if their stomach hurts.  For a migraine, the last thing a person wants is motion.  They want to be in a dark quiet place.  

The fact, however, is that if there is an association. It may have more to do with the biochemistry related to the gut-brain connection than to anything else.  If there is trouble in the gut, there is likely trouble in the brain.  It will be interesting to see whether or not the approaches we use to heal the gut will have benefits for those who suffer from migraines. Worth a try!

Dr. Paul

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