Autism After High School?

fetusThe article linked below mentions that 1 in every 50 school aged children in the USA are on the autism spectrum (yes, those are our numbers for 2013). Compare that to the 1 in 500 or  1 in 1000 rates found in Norway. Would you like to live in Norway?  If that’s not an option, how about live a similar lifestyle and provide health as they do in Norway?  In Norway, they do not give the Hepatitis B vaccine with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum to newborns who don’t need it.  A baby can only catch hepatitis B from their birth mom if she has it and 99% of moms do NOT. GMO foods are banned in Norway, and with the evidence mounting for the disruption that GMO foods do to the GI track and how a messed up gut can lead to a messed up brain, this may be a factor.  I suspect there is less aspartame use (diet sodas) although I’m not sure on this subject. 

The real point is that we are doing something wrong in our country that it is hurting our children. The tragedy for these kids and for their families, and society as pointed out in this article, is that after high school, then what? If their families have the means to support them, they will.  If they don’t, then it becomes a future of unemployment, homelessness, or institutions. We need to develop kind and nurturing ways to support some of our most vulnerable kids.  It’s not about who is to blame. They are part of us and they are here in numbers never seen before.  My own children suffer, but to a lesser extent than many. Parenting a child with severe impulse control issues or the inability to hold a job is difficult to say the least. Yet for many of these children, jobs are not even an option.  We will need group homes with adult “parent figures” to guide these children through adulthood. 

The reason you can be certain this is a recent epidemic (something has changed) is that there are very few 30 and 40 year old adults with autism. The article below quotes 50,000 graduating from high school each year now!  

If you are a parent to be, read up, look at prior blogs on this topic and learn all you can about avoiding toxins, and vaccinating carefully. Don’t get the Tdap while pregnant with it’s 330 micrograms of aluminum or give your newborn the Hepatitis B vaccine if the birth mom do not have Hepatitis B. Make sure to get the nutrients you need.  Avoid GMO like it’s the poison that it is, which means you’ll have to eat organic, avoid all corn and soy products, and anything sweetened as it would either have HFCS or sugar made from sugar beets (also GMO in the US). Developing a healthy gut before you deliver your baby and then breast feeding as well as giving the right infant probiotics from day one is an important place to start. After birth, you and your baby should be only eating organic foods. 

For the rest of our children who suffer from the ravages of brains that just work differently, we must, as a society, find a way to nurture their special gift and talents and not ignore their plight.
Please read this article:–abc-news-health.html


Dr. Paul

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