GMO Food Summit

Monsanto3GMO foods, Genetically Modified Foods, are Monsanto’s cash cow and should be their undoing as it is becoming ever clearer that this was a disaster for the health of the world.  I highly recommend watching the movie genetic roulette.  

GMO foods are not only starting to produce worse yields than traditional seed, but beyond the horrible toxicity of Round-Up (Monsanto’s pesticide that was supposed to be harmless) these foods are significantly less nutritious, lacking in vital nutrients that were typically a part of each of the crops they have modified. 

Parents, this issue is not one to sit on the sidelines about.  Approximately 90% of corn and soy in the USA is GMO seed in origin. You do understand that what they have done is to modify the seed so they can spray the fields with Round-Up.  Everything else dies and you are left with beautiful field of just that crop.  The problem is that we are now seeing horrible side effects in animals that inadvertently eat these crops, from autism to brain tumors.  

GMO crops and seeds are banned in Europe.

USA families, you are the grand experiment and it is not going well. This is perhaps the biggest reason to eat organic, and start demanding GMO labeling so we can know what we are buying.  This is one experiment on the population that must be stopped.


Dr. Paul


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