Senate Bill 132: Making Religious Exemption More Difficult in Oregon

CapitolIt seems that the bill to make religious exemption more difficult may have an eleventh hour change (who knows what may be added) since they did not vote on it yesterday as planned and thus there is the opportunity to add things the public has not had a chance to see or give input on.  This bill needs to be stopped until we know what else may have been added.


Below is a letter I just sent to the senators involved.

Dear Senator,

As Oregon’s only board certified Pediatrician also board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, I ask you to make sure this flawed bill does NOT pass.  Our children are suffering chronic diseases at unprecedented rates and vaccines are part of the problem. It’s not that all vaccines are bad, just the timing when some are being given for certain higher risk families.

JAMA Feb 13th 2013 article showed autism rate for 85,000 Norway pregnancies followed for over 6 years was 1/1000 at the time ours here in the USA was 1/100!  The difference I can find is that in Norway they do not give the Hepatitis B vaccine, with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum, to newborns, 2 months and 6 month olds.  I can provide articles showing the known neurotoxicity of aluminum at 4 – 5 micrograms/ Kg / day.  Since newborns aren’t about to be sexually active or inject IV drugs with shared needles, the risk for a newborn getting Hepatitis B if their mom does not have Hepatitis B is ZERO.  This vaccine belongs back in the pre-teen age group.  Informed parents could loose their ability to make such educated decisions if this bill goes through.

Thank-you for your consideration.


Integrative Pediatrics LLC
11790 SW Barnes Rd Suite 140
Portland OR 97225



Dr. Paul


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