2012 United Nations Population Report

earthIf you were ever wondering about the world as a whole, this report may be informative.

The world’s population just surpassed 7 billion. Despite a long list of treaty’s, children still suffer from abuse, neglect, starvation, and the ravages of war.

Here in the USA, where more money is spent on health than anywhere else, we have:
Children under 5 with a mortality of 8 out of every 1,000 (36 nations have lower rates) though mortality in Africa tops 100/1000 for many countries.
Teenage birth rate in US is 39 in ever 1,000 (82 of the worlds 188 nations have lower rates).
Maternal death rates are 1out of every 5000 during childbirth (worse than 29 countries).
Abortion rates drop as contraception becomes more available. Of the 867 million women in developing countries who need contraception, 222 million do not have access.

This report is heavy on the family planning statistics, but filled with great photos from around the world and more data than one could ever want! 

Dr. Paul


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