The Microbes (probiotics – good bacteria) in Your Gut Modulate Brain Development and Behavior

welcome to gutThe gut brain connection should be something we are recognizing as a fact.  We know with most of our autistic children, that the brain improves as we heal the gut. We know from probiotic studies that there are fewer allergies and eczema for children whose mothers take probiotics in the third trimester and who give appropriate probiotics to their newborns. (I recommend HMF Natogen for third trimester moms as well as infants.  The study below demonstrated less anxiety and improved motor activity if mammals had appropriate colonization of their gut.

Dr. Paul


  • Leenie

    Dear Dr Paul,
    Is it safe and/or beneficial to take probiotics in the first and second trimesters? In my early first trimester, I was put on IV antibiotics for 1 wk (keflex & clinda) then oral antibiotics for 1wk for cellulitis at 4-5 wks of pregnancy. Given all the antibiotics, I took 5 days of Florastor and 2-3 Culturelle pills orally each day and also Jarrow Femdophilus pills as vaginal suppositories to replenish gut and vaginal flora.
    Was this safe for the baby? Is this beneficial to the baby?
    Thank you,

    • Anonymous

      I suspect taking probiotics as you did was likely safe and likely a good idea though I cannot recommend it as I’m not aware of studies to back up the recommendation to give probiotics in the first and second trimesters. Since we have trillions of bacteria in our colons, I can’t imagine how a little of the beneficial bacteria could cause harm especially in your situation where you had antibiotics. To be certain I recommend you check with your OB-GYN, or mid-wife, and Naturopath if you have one.

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