Vaccines – Is Your Doctor Committed to First Doing No Harm?

First-Do-No-HarmCompassionate healers committed to first, doing no harm – Is your doctor one of them?

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) often is blasted as being anti-vaccine, but I would suggest you use them as a resource.  They have put together there a reference resource that should not be ignored.  Too often I hear “vaccines are safe” as if they were Grandma’s apple pie.  Let’s not forget that these are pharmaceutical, injected products with a definite ability to cause harm.

Informed consent is the requirement for doctors, prior to doing any medical procedure, to inform you of the benefits AND the risks.  Is your OB-GYN informing you (pregnant moms) that the Tdap has 330 micrograms of aluminum before you agree to take that toxic dose while pregnant?  Is your pediatrician or family doctor informing you that the Hepatitis B vaccine has 250 micrograms of aluminum and that aluminum is a known neurotoxin, before you agree to inject that into your newborn that is at ZERO risk of getting Hepatitis B?  Did they tell you that the only way a baby can get Hepatitis B is if mom has Hepatitis B or if your baby becomes sexually active or shares dirty needles of IV drug use?  OK, I guess your baby may be playing in the bushes at a park and accidentally stick themselves with a dirty needle discarded by an IV drug user (a nurse actually told this to one of my patients in attempt to convince them to get the Hepatitis B vaccine for their newborn). 

This presentation below is certainly picking and choosing what they quote.  For example, the IOM (Institute of Medicine) report actually came out basically claiming that vaccines were safe.  What that report did not do though was reference any of the many articles that show issues with vaccines.  They acted like there was no literature at all or any problems with vaccines. References at the end of this NVIC list many examples of issues with vaccines.

I am not against vaccines.  I am however not in favor of one size fits all, the way our US vaccine program is.  If mom has Hepatitis B, then not only should your baby get the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, but also HBIG.  If birth mom doesn’t have Hepatitis B, I would seriously question the wisdom of injecting 250 micrograms of aluminum (in the Hepatitis B vaccine) into your newborn and the timing of that vaccine which would make more sense to do in the pre-teen age group. 

It is the more educated parents that  are figuring this out while the vast majority of parents and doctors in our country remain in the dark, blinders pulled over their eyes, by the steady and loud drum beat of “vaccines are safe” that Big Pharma with their billions of profit provide.  What happened to common sense and wisdom? 

I ask that you not throw out the baby with the bath water, which is what many end up doing, paralyzed by fear of vaccines. They chose to do none, and I dread the day when one of my patients, making this choice, looses a baby to pertussis, or gets brain damaging meningitis. Discuss this issue with a well informed and open-minded, knowledgeable professional.  (I wish I could say doctor instead of professional, but alas most of my MD doctor colleagues somehow have lost the ability to think independently on the vaccine issue).  If you read the journals they read on a daily basis, it could happen to you too.  These are not bad people, like “weapons of mass destruction”. It is just a case of when you hear something enough and you don’t have anywhere to get the other side of the story , the hidden truths, then you base your decisions on the information you have. 

The NVIC here does a good job of giving “the other side of the story”.

Dr. Paul


  • Angela Gunther

    Do you recommend the meningitis vaccine for older children?

    • Paul Thomas, M.D.

      The meningitis vaccine – Menactra, is recommended for children over age 11. This vaccine does have aluminum, but for most families who do not have a history of autism or other reasons to avoid aluminum, I do recommend the Menactra. Until a a couple years ago, the vaccine was only being given once and seemed to provide immunity that only lasted about 5 years. At that time I was recommending it before college as that is when children were at the highest risk. Now they recommend a booster, so the plan to vaccinate at 11 years, or anytime after that and then a booster 4-5 years later, makes total sense. Meningococcal disease can be rapidly fatal and we loose about one child a year in Oregon to this horrible infection.

  • Emily D

    I currently have a 7 week old son who I let receive a Hep B vaccination before I was more informed. I am a carrier of a pre-mutation for Fragile X Syndrome. At this time, it is unknown whether or not my son has this pre-mutation. One result of a mutation more severe than what I have are Autism Spectrum disorders. While I know that the chance of him having an issue is very slim, as a concerned parent I am still nervous. Is a delayed vaccine schedule something I should be considering? At this point, I feel it’s a Catch 22. His current pediatrician is very pro-vaccine.

    • Paul Thomas, M.D.

      You should definitely consider a delayed vaccine schedule though of course the official recommendation is always to do all the vaccines as recommended. The challenge for pediatricians is that if they were to recommend anything other than the “schedule” and God forbid your child come down with a vaccine preventable disease – they would be in big trouble so to speak. Add to that the pressure that insurance companies are putting on Pediatricians to do all the vaccines or to be labeled as a bad doctor (vaccines rates with many companies are a measure of your quality of care), it makes it near impossible for anyone to recommend anything but the fool schedule. This is why parents must educate themselves on the real risks of each decision and also in your case realize that your family does had unique risk factors. If you are my patient we need to have a face to face discussion of this topic.
      Look at my blogs on vaccines for more information. You can search vaccines or autism on my blog page and read through the material.
      start with:

      Dr. Paul

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