Loss of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Diagnosis is Possible

autismrainbowI have known for 15 years that many children with autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) loose their symptoms and ultimately loose their diagnosis.  While sadly it is not all children who recover completely, I can say that all children do improve.  There are also definitely things that should be tried to increase the chances of a full recovery.  I also have many Hero’s in my practice (parents who have gone to every length and tried everything) who still have a child suffering from many of the symptoms of autism. My message to all families is never to give up on the basics (organic diet, special diets when they are helpful, nutritional supplements for nutrient deficiencies) and then keep coming back as I am constantly stumbling on new approaches with evidence-based data to try.

I recall sharing with one of my former Pediatrician colleagues the victory of a particular child who had been severely autistic, and had regained eye contact and normal speech (having been non-verbal) after just 6 weeks on a gluten and dairy free diet.  My pediatrician colleague shook her head and said that clearly the child wasn’t autistic before.  It was not possible in her frame of reference to think that autism could resolve or have a drastic improvement, and likely it was certainly not possible for her to wrap her head around the intervention being as simple as a change in diet.  Pediatric News Vol 47, No 2 February 21013 writes a summary of an article from the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry “Loss of ASD diagnosis and symptoms is possible”.  I didn’t need this validation, but perhaps now other doctors will make a greater effort to help these kids get better, and parents you certainly need to push and push and push for change and progress.

Dr. Paul


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