Dental Health and your Child’s Health: The Importance of Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Healthy TeethChinese medicine teaches that there are meridians, and a special relationship between dental or oral health and the rest of the body.  The link below is worth a look if you have a particular tooth that has been problematic, has been removed, or has a mercury filling in it.  Click on the tooth to see if there may be a correlation with health issues you may be experiencing. Consider consulting with a biological dentist for safe removal of your mercury amalgams.

Scientists and dentists have known for decades that mercury is a very toxic poison. It is one of the worst, affecting brain development in children and it is toxic to all cells in the human body. The IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) grew out of a small meeting of 13 dentists in 1984 who were concerned about the dangers of mercury in dental amalgam fillings.  The organization now has over 700 active members and has chapters in fourteen other countries.  This is one resource for accurate information on the mercury and dentistry issue. 

Some of the most dramatic developments in the scientific case against amalgam were sponsored wholly or in part by IAOMT, including:

  • The famous “sheep and monkey studies,” by Vimy and Lorscheider, in which amalgam fillings labeled with radioactive mercury were placed in the animals’ teeth, and demonstrated that the mercury quickly disseminated around their bodies. They showed mercury distribution to the fetus of pregnant animals, and a variety of physiological lesions.
  • Neurobehavioral studies of dentists and staff, by Echeverria, et. al., linking neurological and behavioral deficits with their occupational exposure to mercury.
  • Animal model experiments by Haley and Pendergrass, et. al., demonstrating that mercury vapor in the range that we are exposed to by amalgam fillings can get into a rat’s brain and cause a biochemical lesion identical to Alzheimer’s disease. These researchers had previously clarified the biochemical mechanism by which this happens.
  • Tissue culture experiments using growing nerve cells by Leong, et. al., that show how vanishingly small quantities of mercury can totally disrupt the newly growing nerve endings, leaving the characteristic neuro-fibrillary tangles found in Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information on IAOMT see:

 When it comes to your child’s teeth I have one strong recommendation:  NO MERCURY (Silver amalgams), no matter what they say!

Dr. Paul


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