Homeopathy to Assist Detoxification (consider this if your child has any neurological symptoms)

3D splashHeavy metals shut down enzymatic functions of the body, as do antibiotics and other drugs.  Without returning to normal enzymatic function, the natural detox process is very slow.  With the use of homeopathy (using UNDA numbers – Bio-Therapeutic Treatment) it is possible to jump start the natural detoxification process of the body. 

In the book Homeopathy-Science or Myth, by Bill Grey MD, numerous studies on the effectiveness of homeopathy are documented.  This book explains, for the skeptics, the scientific basis for homeopathy- quantum physics as opposed to Newtonian physics.  

While most MD’s in the USA (I include myself in this category) have no understanding of homeopathy and indeed the bulk of the press and scientific literature is negative about this treatment modality, in Europe, homeopathy is often the first approach.  The royal family in England uses a homeopathic physician, and in France for example, 30% of doctors use homeopathy and 60% believe it works.  

You should consider this homeopathy, “Bio-Therapeutic Drainage” prior to testing for heavy metals or doing any gentle chelation.  I am not in favor of IV chelation, and it is important that your child has adequate minerals (take a mineral supplement) before you consider starting Chelation, even if gentle.

For those interested in testing for heavy metals, kits can be ordered from Doctors Data.  The test should be done after a morning void. The dose of DMSA (30 mg/Kg) is given as one dose and you collect the urine for the following 6 hours.  Do not do this test on Friday or Saturday as it needs to be run the next day. I do not do these in my practice, as I have seen a significant re-exposure to the toxins following this test,  but I would consider this if I had a child who I felt may be severely toxic and I had tired all other approaches. Here in Oregon, many Naturopaths can help you get this testing done.

Below is a link to a sample of results from Doctors data:

To order a kit:

If you are interested in homeopathy, and you are a patient of mine, I would recommend we discuss this at your child’s upcoming appointment.

Dr. Paul

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