CAUSES OF AUTISM: Congressional Presentation by Dr Deth on Toxins and Autism

toxic riskThe causes of autism are many and complex, but the process of lowering your risk of having a child who is autistic is simple.  The first step, parents, is to wake up to the reality that the causes are environmental toxins.  It’s only genetic (for 90% plus) in the epigenetic sense of genetics which refers to how our body interacts with toxins. This type of “genetic” cause is totally avoidable if you don’t expose yourself while pregnant, or your newborn, infant, or child to the toxins that interact in this epigenetic way to cause autism and so many other chronic diseases of the modern world.  

Dr. Deth is one of my hero’s who, through basic research, figured out the toxicity of mercury two decades ago, and is a leader in helping us understand the mechanisms by which the toxins do their damage.

The common pathway is oxidative stress.  He lists the major causes on slide 3.  Do NOT ignore any of these. For some of our children, who are especially vulnerable (epigenetic), just the air we breathe and the chemicals in our environment (plastics, pesticides, flame retardants, etc.) have reached high enough levels in all of us that the exposure happens before birth.  It is in those children that you may hear that it’s genetic (like it’s hard wired). Even in most of those cases, this is an avoidable situation. We can reduce our exposures throughout life so that the body burdens of toxins (in our female offspring) will be as low as possible when they carry the next generation in pregnancy.

A few tips:
Pregnancy:  Eat organic, drink filtered water, avoid tobacco, alcohol, drugs, aspartame, fish, food additives, and take your prenatal vitamin. Get 5000IU a day total of Vit D (for most who are deficient), and make sure your prenatal vitamin has some iodine. DO NOT get the Tdap with it’s 330+ micrograms of aluminum.

Newborn:  Breast feed, DO NOT give the Hep B vaccine with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum (unless birth mom has Hepatitis B), start Vit D, and consider a quality infant probiotic.  Mothers that are breast feeding should continue to eat organic and avoid toxins as much as possible so they don’t come through the breast milk.

Infants:  Eat organic vegetables and fruits. Solids typically start at 4 months, but avoid rice cereal as it is now high in arsenic, and other cereals that are highly refined have other challenges.  Think carefully about vaccines.  If you have a strong family history of neurological or autoimmune issues, vaccines may not be a good move. Discuss this with your physician, who is knowledgeable on these issues.  I avoid giving more than one aluminum containing vaccine at the same time. Hep B, Dtap, Prevnar, and Hep A are the aluminum containing vaccines that are typical in the younger children.

The message for those who already have an autistic child:  It’s not your fault.   I gave my children all the recommended vaccines which then included mercury and aluminum and we were not careful with our diet.  I did it all wrong and I know my children could have done better if I had known better.  We know what we know when we know it.  The thing is, NOW THAT YOU KNOW, we must do things differently and spread the word.  It is also (for most) possible to make huge improvements in your child’s progress by being consistent in avoiding ongoing toxins, doing everything possible to reduce and deal with any oxidative stress,  immune disregulations, toxins, chronic viral infections, and more.  Find a doctor who is working on these issues, and keep after them until you have exhausted their knowledge and ideas, then perhaps find another.

All the presentations are available at safe minds:

 Dr. Paul

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