GAPS-DietIf you want to change someone’s gut, and hence their neurological system, try the GAPS Diet!

If you don’t correct the gut function, you won’t correct the neurological function.

Basically, like the Simple Carbohydrate Diet, this diet gets rid of all the junk.

The beauty of working on the gut, which is most definitely involved in so many of our kids with ADHD or autism spectrum, is that the gut will heal very quickly, especially if we replace nutrients and give probiotics.  Many will improve with just avoiding toxins and eating organic.  Many others will need to determine food sensitivities and likely have to avoid gluten and dairy.  For those children, the GFCF diet is adequate for a huge improvement in not just diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal symptoms, but also brain function and autism or focus symptoms.  There is a definite gut-brain connection. If you have tried eating healthy, or the GFCF diet, and you still feel the progress is slow or minimal, then please do consider the GAPS diet.  (authors website)


Dr. Paul

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