Air Pollution and Your Child’s Health

AirPollution1My mantra for health is avoid toxins, eat healthy, and vaccinate carefully (selectively, based on the particular risks for your child). Educating yourself on vaccines and making that decision is relatively easy.  See my video on vaccines for more information:

To avoid toxins, we must navigate towards healthy food. If you eat organic and thus avoid pesticides and GMO (genetically modified foods), you are on the right track.  Drink filtered water.  The air we breathe is the toughest challenge as we really don’t have much control over the air we breathe. I recall watching the Olympics in China and reading and seeing the challenges they had with air quality.  In the Portland, Oregon area, we are generally blessed with good air quality as it rains enough much of the year to keep the air clean.  On high smog days, you might avoid too much time outdoors.  One challenge in the NW is that the fuel we burn (gasoline) is higher in Benzene than that in most parts of the country.  If one had the choice of living near a freeway, or in an area away form cars and their exhaust, I would choose the more secluded location. 

The study below shows evidence of air quality affecting birth weight.  We know asthma and allergies are also closely correlated to air quality and for those who may be especially vulnerable to toxins, they may even affect brain function and development.


Dr. Paul

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