magnetChelation (the process of binding and removing toxins from the body) happens all the time as part of our body’s natural defense system against toxins. Peptides, glutathione, and metallothionein naturally chelate essential and toxic elements, binding them, and transporting them for excretion. This is all about the methylation pathway from methionine to homocysteine to glutathione, which is so often involved and compromised in those with autism, other neurological or developmental issues, and those developing chronic diseases like heart disease (thus all of us). I am convinced it is the accumulation of toxins and nutrient deficiencies that make us ill and results in most of the medical challenges we face today in children and adults.

Toxins like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are everywhere. They have no beneficial role in our bodies and build up over time in our soft tissues and bones, resulting in an ongoing exposure for years after the physical exposure has been stopped. These toxins create oxidative stress, alter endocrine function by suppressing the pituitary, and direct toxin actions on glands as well as disruption of receptors, and they interfere with the functions of the essential elements like magnesium and zinc. Toxins are most dangerous in the womb and early years where exposures can result in life-long developmental issues, intellectual impairment, and behavioral/psychiatric challenges. Lead levels as low as 2 micrograms/dL are now known to decrease IQ.  One must certainly be careful to avoid metal toxins in the womb (hence don’t eat fish or take metal containing vaccines like the Tdap while pregnant). Also be careful with vaccines that contain metals for the very young in particular.  In adults, the cardiovascular, renal, and neurological declines are strongly associated with toxic elements. We know that mercury and other toxin levels are very high in most fish and increase as you move higher up the food chain.  There has been a recent discovery of high arsenic content in rice ( and higher arsenic in non-organic chickens ( ). 

From the methylation cycle (that requires adequate Vitamin B12 and folate) to glutathione, (our body’s most important natural chelator of heavy metals) we are all chelating and removing heavy metal toxins. When I test individuals with autism or ADHD for nutrient status, it is common to find low levels of glutathione.  This indirectly indicates they are high in toxins which is not a surprise when you understand the biochemistry going on. While it may be possible to take glutathione orally if it is prepared in lysosomes to protect it from oxidation, the best way to raise glutathione levels, and thus your natural detox, is to take the precursors NAC (N-acetly-cysteine) which works best in the presence of vitamins C and E, or alpha lipoic acid (ALA) which helps the body regenerate the other anti-oxidants and chelators. The build-up of toxins can be typically connected to those that also have a dysbiosis in their intestinal track.  The use of ALA and NAC is very difficult in these people as both feed the bad bacteria.  It is vital that you clean the gut first.  See blog on GAPS diet, as the most comprehensive way to clean the gut.

Selenium is known to protect against mercury toxicity and should be given around the time of mercury filling extractions. We know selenium can assist in chelation of mercury.  Certain metal ions like calcium, manganese, magnesium, zinc, and sometimes copper are important in assisting chelation of heavy metals.  Copper should only be taken in RDA amounts and some people have too much copper. Having adequate iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc reduces the amount of toxins that are transported into the body. Having poor nutrition, being depleted of these key minerals, puts you at greater risk of toxicity. It is interesting to me that almost every single patient I test (I’ve tested thousands) is low in iron status.  Could this be a reflection of just how toxic we all are these days? With our mass produced diet, and GMO foods (known to be especially nutrient depleted) we may have inadvertently created a very nutrient depleted population in some of these simple key minerals and put them at high risk for toxins. 

Calcium supplementation in pregnancy reduces the lead accumulation in your unborn child. ( ), and iron fortification reduces blood lead levels in infants and young children. 

Pharmaceutical chelators sometimes used are DMPS, DMSA, EDTA plus BAL, and penicillamine. Sadly, this potentially important means of lowering our body burdens of serious toxins is not well studied and is complicated with many potentially serious side effects. The link at the bottom provides a superb review article on chelation and a link in that article leads to a great review of these major chelators.  My own experience with a DMSA oral challenge to see what metals were being excreted from my most severely affected son, clearly resulted in a re-mobilization of sequestered toxins, as he went pale and blank for almost a month after this one dose. I have since chosen not to use these phamaceutical chelators, preferring to do all we can to stimulate your own natural chelation systems and provide nutritional support to maximize that chelation and minimize any ongoing accumulation of toxins.

Your child’s nutritional status greatly affects the uptake of toxic metals as they are transported by the same proteins for the essential nutrients magnesium, zinc, and iron.  Let’s fill those proteins with a steady and appropriate stream of these health promoting elements.


Dr. Paul

GMO Food Summit

Monsanto3GMO foods, Genetically Modified Foods, are Monsanto’s cash cow and should be their undoing as it is becoming ever clearer that this was a disaster for the health of the world.  I highly recommend watching the movie genetic roulette.  

GMO foods are not only starting to produce worse yields than traditional seed, but beyond the horrible toxicity of Round-Up (Monsanto’s pesticide that was supposed to be harmless) these foods are significantly less nutritious, lacking in vital nutrients that were typically a part of each of the crops they have modified. 

Parents, this issue is not one to sit on the sidelines about.  Approximately 90% of corn and soy in the USA is GMO seed in origin. You do understand that what they have done is to modify the seed so they can spray the fields with Round-Up.  Everything else dies and you are left with beautiful field of just that crop.  The problem is that we are now seeing horrible side effects in animals that inadvertently eat these crops, from autism to brain tumors.  

GMO crops and seeds are banned in Europe.

USA families, you are the grand experiment and it is not going well. This is perhaps the biggest reason to eat organic, and start demanding GMO labeling so we can know what we are buying.  This is one experiment on the population that must be stopped.


Dr. Paul


Senate Bill 132: Making Religious Exemption More Difficult in Oregon

CapitolIt seems that the bill to make religious exemption more difficult may have an eleventh hour change (who knows what may be added) since they did not vote on it yesterday as planned and thus there is the opportunity to add things the public has not had a chance to see or give input on.  This bill needs to be stopped until we know what else may have been added.


Below is a letter I just sent to the senators involved.

Dear Senator,

As Oregon’s only board certified Pediatrician also board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine, I ask you to make sure this flawed bill does NOT pass.  Our children are suffering chronic diseases at unprecedented rates and vaccines are part of the problem. It’s not that all vaccines are bad, just the timing when some are being given for certain higher risk families.

JAMA Feb 13th 2013 article showed autism rate for 85,000 Norway pregnancies followed for over 6 years was 1/1000 at the time ours here in the USA was 1/100!  The difference I can find is that in Norway they do not give the Hepatitis B vaccine, with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum, to newborns, 2 months and 6 month olds.  I can provide articles showing the known neurotoxicity of aluminum at 4 – 5 micrograms/ Kg / day.  Since newborns aren’t about to be sexually active or inject IV drugs with shared needles, the risk for a newborn getting Hepatitis B if their mom does not have Hepatitis B is ZERO.  This vaccine belongs back in the pre-teen age group.  Informed parents could loose their ability to make such educated decisions if this bill goes through.

Thank-you for your consideration.


Integrative Pediatrics LLC
11790 SW Barnes Rd Suite 140
Portland OR 97225



Dr. Paul


2012 United Nations Population Report

earthIf you were ever wondering about the world as a whole, this report may be informative.

The world’s population just surpassed 7 billion. Despite a long list of treaty’s, children still suffer from abuse, neglect, starvation, and the ravages of war.

Here in the USA, where more money is spent on health than anywhere else, we have:
Children under 5 with a mortality of 8 out of every 1,000 (36 nations have lower rates) though mortality in Africa tops 100/1000 for many countries.
Teenage birth rate in US is 39 in ever 1,000 (82 of the worlds 188 nations have lower rates).
Maternal death rates are 1out of every 5000 during childbirth (worse than 29 countries).
Abortion rates drop as contraception becomes more available. Of the 867 million women in developing countries who need contraception, 222 million do not have access.

This report is heavy on the family planning statistics, but filled with great photos from around the world and more data than one could ever want!

Dr. Paul


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