You Are What You Eat- A Must Read

gardenThe following is a must-read story of one of my patients who recovered from Autism just with diet changes. Please enjoy!

He would throw himself on the floor at school, couldn’t sit still, cried whenever difficult work was in front of him, and was extremely disruptive to the other students. I was frequently being pulled out of work to pick him up from school, until one day, I watched the movie “Food Inc.” and was floored. I had no idea that what I was feeding to my children was actually crap. I knew that this was going to stop. I would no longer put that food in my children’s mouth. I also knew that my husband would not be on board with my choice…so I didn’t tell him. I found foods that we were already eating, or that looked like things we had had before, but that were organic, and for two weeks I kept hearing about how wonderful it all tasted. Somewhere around that second week, my husband returned home from work and our son walked up to him and told him an entire story of what he did that day. The child that couldn’t look us in the eye, that couldn’t form a complete sentence, just told a detailed story about his day at school. We needed a forklift to lift our jaws off the floor that day. So I told my husband…”for the last two weeks, we have been eating organic”. He said “I don’t care what it is…keep doing it!” And from that point on, we have never gone back. We spent the next few months getting to know the new “talkative” version of our son, and the only time things go south, we can always attribute it to something that he ate the day before. Our son is now to the point where he will refuse a cupcake at a birthday party because he understands that it makes him feel sick and frustrated, and he will ask if something is organic before he eats it. My son is not the only one who has benefited.  I went from a “c” student to a 4.0 GPA, I no longer battle depression every winter, and my husband no longer has allergies. It’s truly remarkable.  We no longer eat dextrose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, aspartame, anything that ends in “ides” or “ates”, and certainly nothing that sounds like it came from a chemistry lab (Monsanto!). We have replaced them with words like home-made, home-cooked, pastured meats, raw milk, wholesome food that is much more filling and tastes a heck of a lot better. We now have a larder full of foods that we made from our own backyard, which I’m about to fill again this summer. 


Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. There is a reason I keep a steady drum-beat, avoid toxins, eat organic!

Dr. Paul

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