Use of Probiotics During Pregnancy and With Your Newborn

probioticsThree big questions arise when discussing the use of probiotics while pregnant:

1.  Is it safe? 

2.  Why should I consider using a probiotics?

3.  Which probiotic to use?


·   Safety was well addressed by a 2010 The Journal of Nutrition study “Dietary Supplementation with Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria Is Well Tolerated and Not Associated with Adverse Events during Late Pregnancy and Early Infacny”. J. Nutr. 140:483-488, 2010. This study used 1, 3 and 10 billion CFU’s of four strains L. salivarius and L. paracasei  B. animalis and B. lactis.  

·   The use of probiotics has been shown to reduce deaths, NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis) in premature infants, reduce antibiotic associated diarrhea, irritable bowel symptoms, and to reduce the likelihood of developing eczema, all while promoting a healthy immune system with less tendency to allergies. 

·   While which probiotic to use will be debated forever as everyone who makes a probiotic feels they have a good reason to have developed the one they have, my vote at this time goes to the human strain derived probiotic made by Lab4 and in the USA is marketed by Seroyal as HMF. I have had personal experience with the HMF natogen – intended for newborns and infants – bringing resolution to infants who had bloody diarrhea that was culture positive for C. difficile and MRSA.  Recent research using this probiotic has shown reduced allergies when started in the third trimester and continued for the first 6 months of life. This was another recent study with no negative outcomes and definite benefits. 



Dr. Paul


  • Rutendo

    Cool, Dr Paul! Thanks for the useful information. Any chance you can discuss pregnancy and nursing while on anti-depressants. Thank you!

    • I will do a thorough blog or video in the future. The short answer is that some antidepressants are better (less dangerous) than others. Also key is how depressed the mom is. If living without your antidepressant could result in suicide – then pick the safest anti-depressant and stay on it.
      Most OB-gyn, Pediatricians and Family doctors have access to the books that list risks of various drugs. Your pharmacist can also look that up.

  • Shanta

    Hi Dr.Thomas,

    Any thoughts about the Klaire labs Ther-biotic infant formula? It has Lactobacillus GG and a few extra ones compared with HMF Natogen and i was wondering if it was ok to give to my 7 month old (patient in your clinic)

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