GMO – Soy Experience in Argentina Should Prompt Everyone to Call For a Ban on GMO Foods and a Boycott of Monsanto

cornThanks again to Dr Mercola for a great summary of the GMO issue.  What is happening is tragic and we should not only avoid GMO like it’s the poison that it is, but we should be educating everyone we can and boycott Monsanto and those companies that are in bed with Monsanto.

Glyphosate, the main herbicide in Roundup, is to blame for increased rates of birth defects, cancer, and miscarriages. GMO corn is nutritionally deficient, with non-GMO corn having 437 times the calcium and 56 times more magnesium. GMO corn had 13 ppm  of glyphosate compared to zero in non-GMO corn. These are levels well above the 0.7 ppm upper limit for water in the US. GMO corn has 200 times the formaldehyde found to be toxic to animals.

You can largely avoid GMO by eating organic.  Remember that anything in the USA with corn or soy will be GMO unless it is organic or labeled GMO free.

Unless a product states cane sugar,  all other sugar in the USA is likely GMO from sugar beets. 

Here is Dr. Mercola’s article for you to read:

Dr. Paul


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