Maternal Lead and Manganese Levels

lead and manganeseMaternal Lead and Manganese levels can affect a baby’s brain development.


We have known for decades that high levels of lead result in brain toxicity. This study looked at maternal cord blood levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, and manganese.  They found that when manganese or lead levels were above the 75th percentile, there was a significant adverse association with cognitive brain function and language development.  Lead toxicity was common when we had lead in gasoline.  Unknown to many is that small airplanes still use leaded gasoline, making the air near busy small plane airports like Hillsboro airport very high in lead.  Older homes from prior to the 1978 ban on the use of lead paint, may have high levels of lead in paint.  Manganese is typically an exposure to welders, but can also be found in air or water.


We have known that manganese is an important trace element, necessary for proper brain function, yet in larger quantities it is toxic.

Dr. Paul


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