Medications and Aspartame

NoAspartameI have written recently on the evils of aspartame in my blogs.

I was shocked, though not surprised, to find aspartame in prescription medications that I use with relative frequency.  In some cases, there are not equally suitable alternatives, though I will certainly attempt to avoid the aspartame containing medications when possible.


For a comprehensive list of medication that contain aspartame, Click Here

There are over 5000 medications that contain aspartame.  I list here the most common ones I see used in children.
Parents, please read labels.
·         Antibiotics/Antivirals
·         Amoxicillin 250mg chew tabs by WarnerChilcott
·         Amoxil 400mg chewable tablet 3.64mg/tablet
·         Augmentin 400mg/5ml suspension 7mg/5ml
·         Augmentin ES 600mg/5ml 7mg/5ml
·         Antiemetics (anti-drowsiness)
·         Zofran ODT 4mg
·         Zofran ODT 8mg
·         Electrolyte Therapy
·         Pedialyte freezer pops
·         Kao Lectrolyte electrolyte replenisher unflavored or bubble gum
·         Benadryl liquid for kids
·         Advil
·         Motrin junior strength chews

 The list of side effects of Aspartame can be quite extensive. Headache, dizziness, vomiting, abdominal cramping, diarrhea are just a few. To see a comprehensive list, Click Here

Dr. Paul


  • Anarchiste

    Well, I made this discovery today when I received my cocodamol effervescent 30/500 displaying a large warning sign for E951 aspartame. I questioned this, and was told it was an ingredient in most painkillers – not active but what the heck do you need a sweetener in a pain medication? Seriously, are we so sensitive tha we have to artificially sugar every pill, even those tha dissolve and you throw down your throat without the liquid ever touching a taste bud?

    I asked for an alternative, and after some discussion ended up with the aspartame free version (that still apparently contain sweeteners!)

    If the conspiratorialists are actually right, then it makes think of how may people suffering with neuropathic pain and who’ve been trying to keep a clean diet are actually making themselves worse using the very drugs that are supposed to ameliorate their issues.

    It stinks and needs to be stopped.

    • Thanks for sharing that. I am aware of increasing use of aspartame in children’s liquid and chewable antibiotics etc. I agree with you – it makes ZERO sense to be adding this toxin to pills that one can swallow!

  • Is there any antbiotics that does not have aspartame in or related products? I have a daughter with PKU that cannot get ANY aspartame in and she is constantly sick now again with croup and no doctor know what antibiotics they can give her to drink that will be safe? Can you please help me asap

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