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Giving the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns, 2 month olds, and 6 month old babies has never made sense, unless mom herself (birth mom) has Hepatitis B.  This policy of vaccinating newborns at birth was started over a decade ago because we were “missing cases” and “mom’s were not always honest about their risk factors” and “we can develop a population that is immune to Hepatitis B“.  Fast forward to 2013 and we have almost universal screening of pregnant moms so each mom knows if she is at risk of giving her baby Hepatitis B or not. If you, the mom, know that  you are not promiscuous and not sharing needles (remember that’s how you get Hepatitis B), then you are at ZERO risk of giving Hepatitis B to your baby. We now have follow-up data and know that at 10 years of age, barely half of the newborns given the Hepatitis B vaccine even have protection any more.  What percentage will have protection when they are 20 and engaging in risky behaviors?  It will be well less than 50%.  It clearly doesn’t make sense to continue mandating the Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns that are not at risk for Hepatitis B.  

If the Hepatitis B vaccine was a harmless vaccine, one might say, “Oh well, no harm done”.  But it is not harmless.  JAMA Feb 13 2013 just published a study of over 85,000 children in Norway that shows autism rates of 1 in 500 to 1 in 1000 (with folate and without folate being taken by the moms respectively). Compare that to the autism rate in the USA of 1 in 100 for that same time period.  Norway does NOT give the Hep B to newborns, with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum!

Do you suppose the CDC, the ACIP, and the AAP, the organizations that make the USA vaccine recommendations, might have a conflict of interest?

The link below gives a nice history of the topic and is worth a read.  The mention of mercury in the vaccine is dated, as mercury (in the form of thimerosal) was removed from the Hepatitis B vaccine in 2001. The facts are well presented.  Parents, you must educate yourself about the real wisdom of each vaccine. http://www.naturodoc.com/library/bio-war/HepB.htm

If the birth mom does not have Hepatitis B, then not giving this vaccine to a newborn is the most scientifically justifiable decision there is.  Giving the Hep B vaccine without reasonable cause amounts to blind faith in big business and big government.

Dr. Paul


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