Don’t Delay Giving Your Children Peanuts and Other Foods


Reduce food allergies by early introduction of foods. 

I was once again wrong, in the not so distant past, when I promoted the Academy of Pediatrics guidelines not to introduce milk until age 1, eggs until age 1 or 2, and peanuts and shellfish until age 3.  This recommendation never made sense in light of the hygiene hypothesis that had so clearly demonstrated that early exposure to animals, or hay, or dirt would reduce allergies to these. More and more studies are now showing that it is actually beneficial to introduce foods early. I recall my mother-in-law telling me her mom started solids at 6 weeks of age. 

In addition to now introducing foods early (no choking hazards please), I highly recommend starting infant probiotics at birth.  I can only speak from experience for a couple of brands that I know have been tested in infants, Klaire Infant, and HMF Natogen, the latter being my personal favorite as it has successfully cured a couple neonates with bloody diarrhea form C. difficile and MRSA (Staph aureus).

Here is an article on this from the Wall Street Journal:


Dr. Paul



  • Kim Keller

    Thank you, once again, for being willing to stand up to the Academy of Pediatrics, and go against what they recommend!

  • You should look into InfaSkin probiotic for children with skin sensitivities. I think I mentioned it to you once, but maybe you forgot about it. 🙂 It has really helped my son’s eczema, especially when it was so bad a couple of years ago.

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