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truthWhere does one go for the truth about autism and vaccines, autism and toxins, causes and treatments for autism?


My own journey as a Pediatrician was transformed in 2002 when I attended my first DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) Conference. This was an organization that my own academy of pediatrics had written very derogatory articles about.  I went wondering what kind of nuts and quacks I would find.  Instead, I found a group of very dedicated physicians with high integrity, reporting on research in main stream journals I had never seen.  I, like most Pediatricians, was blinded by the weekly and monthly drum beat of “vaccines are safe” that comes from our academy, from the CDC and the NIH and all the throw away journals funded by those who stand to profit from vaccines.  Research needs funding to be done and then must pass the test of the status quo and powers that be that guard the entry of articles into the main journals. In the past decade I have seen great studies denied access to funding or even consideration as they would potentially demonstrate facts that the establishment does not want you to have.  I sat in the back that weekend and wept as I realized we had poisoned a generation of children with mercury (thimerosal) that was in vaccines.  The 12 years since have been the most exciting and frustrating of my career.  As it has become more clear than ever that toxins are the cause of the host of chronic disease our nation faces (autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, bipolar, allergies , asthma, eczema, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancers, etc.), our government has chosen to put the bulk of their research dollars into finding genetic causes of disease.


Understand, I am not against this research.  It is just the pursuit of this to the exclusion of determining the real causes – how the environmental toxins interact with our genes to cause these diseases.    

As parents we must find the truth.  Understand that the truth in singular. Sift through all the smoke and mirrors and you will realize this epidemic of neurological damage is real.  It is a result of toxins reaching proportions even our sophisticated human body cannot keep up with, and the dose of these toxins is just far too great during the times of greatest vulnerability: pregnancy and early childhood.  The causes are multiple as toxins effects are cumulative and exponential.  We must do all we can to prevent introducing unnecessary toxins.


This will be the drum beat of my blogs (along with general pediatric topics) until as a nation and a world, we can pull away the curtain of deception that has been fortified by the careful and systematic avoidance of the truth that is our system. 


Below are listed web sites that are working to get to the truth.



Below are the mainstream sites that also contain some very valuable information, though tend to be pro-vaccine to the exclusion of any of the facts and truths that are now common knowledge for those of us who can think independently and critically. 


This warning came to me in an email:
We wanted to give you a heads up about a billboard campaign launched by the National Vaccine Information Center.  If you have patients asking you about this, we would encourage you to supply them with good, science-based resources about vaccine risks and benefits.  Some of those include:


American Academy of Pediatrics


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Immunization Action Coalition


Institute for Vaccine Safety


National Network for Immunization Information


Oregon Immunization Program


Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases



Let truth be our guiding principle.  Be afraid of someone who tells you they have the whole truth.  It is by seeking that we shall find.  Blessing to all of you as we work together to get the word out.


Dr. Paul


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