Immunization Safety Report from the Institute of Medicine

vaccineThe IOM (Institute of Medicine) – which is supposed to be the voice of the best and most scientific minds for any given medicine topic, has put together a report on the safety of childhood vaccines:


After reviewing this 100+ page report, I have come to the conclusion that, sadly, this group of very decorated physicians in the fields of immunology, infectious diseases, vaccines, and public health, must have a directive to find vaccines safe, or they are blinded by conflicts of interest. Given the hundreds of articles (published in reputable peer-reviewed journals that raise safety concerns) this panel looked at 37 articles and very clearly avoided mention of the many well done studies that show the toxicity of heavy metals like mercury and aluminum.  They fail to acknowledge that formaldehyde (used in many vaccines) is a huge stimulant of the immune system and may well be a contributor to the many auto-immune diseases that we now see in modern times that were exceedingly rare 50 years ago.  There is no mention of the fact that the rapid rise in diseases, like autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, MS, Diabetes, asthma, eczema, etc., seems to correlate with the expanded vaccine schedule and that possible associations should be considered.  In fact, the IOM specifically states that we should NOT do studies looking at unvaccinated populations and compare them to vaccinated populations.  They completely discount the fact that there now exist such families in quantities that would answer this question once and for all.  It would just take the desire to know and funding to track that data.


I am left with the realization that when it comes to the IOM on the issue of vaccines,  they are not independent, they are not a reliable resource, and in fact, all their recommendations should be carefully dissected for conflicts of interest.

How else can you explain their complete ignorance on toxins in vaccines and the numerous studies now available?

On just aluminum toxicity there are books “Aluminium Toxicity in Infants’ Health and Disease”, by PF Zatta and AC Alfrey and “Research Issues in Aluminum Toxicity”, by Robert Yokel and Mari Golub – both with hundreds of articles.  


Here is what they say in summary:
“No Evidence of Safety Concerns. Upon reviewing stakeholder concerns and scientific literature regarding the entire childhood immunization schedule, the IOM committee finds no evidence that the schedule is unsafe. The committee’s review did not reveal an evidence base suggesting that the U.S. childhood immunization schedule is linked to autoimmune diseases, asthma, hypersensitivity, seizures, child developmental disorders, learning or developmental disorders, or attention deficit or disruptive disorders.”


IOM – shame on you!


You either didn’t look or you intentionally planned to mislead the American public.  We live in the information age. Intelligent parents will see through this lame attempt to hide the obvious truth that vaccines have safety issues, especially given the current schedule in the USA.  Many European countries do not give the Hep B with it’s 250 micrograms of aluminum to newborns, 2 month, and 6 month old infants when their moms do not have Hepatitis B and there is thus no risk to that child of catching Hep B from their mother.  Remember we acquire Hepatitis B from blood products (IV drug use and sex).  There are studies that show giving more vaccines to the very young (now over 20 in the first 2 years of life) increases diseases related to the immune system (eczema, asthma etc.)  There are studies showing children who are less vaccinated are less ill. 


  JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Feb 13th 2013 published a study of over 85,000 children in Norway that was done during the last decade.  The findings showed that those mothers who took folate while pregnant had an autism rate (and yes, this included Asperger’s and PDD-NOS) of 1 in 1000 and if they didn’t take folate it was 1 in 500.  Here in North America, most moms take their prenatal, which has folate, but the autism rate is 1 in 50, or 1 in 88, or 1 in 100.  Why?  Look at the Norway vaccine schedule!  They don’t give the Hep B with its 250 micrograms aluminum to newborns who don’t need it!


We have cases where vaccines have been proven in court to have caused autism.


My own experience has been that selective careful vaccination has significantly lowered rates of autism. For families with one autistic child, rates, in my experience, are 1 in 67, instead of the 1 in 4 published last year for the USA.  And overall, rates in my practice are much like those of Norway.  Interestingly enough, the schedule most of my parents choose is much like that in Norway with omission of the birth, 2 month, and 6 month Hepatitis B vaccine.  The one size fits all schedule of the AAP, ACIP, and CDC is just no longer wise medicine given what clearly is a more vulnerable population today compared to perhaps 20-50 years ago when some of these vaccines were introduced and tested. 

 Dr. Paul



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