April is Autism Awareness Month


To my families who know all too well what autism is, I ask you to maintain hope that things will get better, and never blame yourself as a parent for illness or disability in your child.  The causes of autism are not yet understood, and if all the experts in the world can’t figure this out, how could any of us as parents be held responsible?

I pledge to you that I will never give up the fight to get to the truth about the causes and continue to learn all I can on how we can help our children recover maximum function. I know beyond a doubt that it is the most intelligent families that seem disproportionately affected.  There are epigenetic reasons for this. There seems to be a connection in many between high intelligence and vulnerability to toxins and other stressors to the immune system.  It’s been 80 years since Autism was first described and rates went from unheard of, to 1/10,000 40-50 years ago, then to 1/100, or now even 1/50 in this country. While you will hear that the cause is genetic, don’t be fooled into thinking therefore it was unavoidable or that it cannot be reversed.  The genetics they are almost always talking about is epigenetics, the way our genes express themselves in the face of an environmental stress.  The stresses can be reduced, the body has built in healing mechanisms, if we reduce or eliminate the ongoing stress and provide the body with what it needs to heal. 

Inflammation seems universal in the chronic diseases of the past century, and indeed a paper in 2005 by Vargus documented brain inflammation in our autistic children. Stay tuned to these blogs, as well as my YouTtube videos, as I will continue to share tips that may help us guide our children back to function, and for future parents, help you avoid these challenges altogether.

Dr. Paul

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