GMO Just Got A Big Boost By Government Sneak Tactics

NoGMOI wish I could say the government was looking out for our best interests. Time after time it seems, however, that the big companies interests are put ahead of the interests of health and the public.  We had the Patriot Act giving manufacturers of vaccines full exemption from liability if vaccines were to cause any harm.  Now, in this newly signed law, the government has given full protection to Monsanto for it’s GMO (genetically modified) seeds that have been banned in Europe but will be increasingly hard to stop here in the USA. 


Parents, look around you.  Do you see people getting healthier or sicker? Understand that chronic disease starts in the womb, and is progressive throughout our lives.  By the time we get sick, in many cases the causes have been ongoing for decades.  Say no to GMO, and refuse to buy anything that is not organic and GMO free. This bill is a huge step in the wrong direction, but it is still possible to avoid GMO foods.

Dr. Paul


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