Grounding While Sleeping

electrical GroundImagine being able to remove free radicals from the body while you sleep!  Grounding yourself (barefoot on the earth, as an example, or using grounding sleeping pads) actually can reduce stress hormone (cortisol) levels in your body. Remember, our bodies run on electrical impulses. Everyday, we are exposed to a multitude of electrical energy forms, from our household lights to our refrigerator magnets to the cellular/radio signals in the air around us. Think back to fourth grade science. As inductance can affect the polarity of the molecules in a piece of steel, the exposure to so much electrical energy may be able to affect the polarity of the molecules in our bodies. Our evolutionary fix for this was simply to be in contact with the earth itself. But today, we wear rubber-soled insulators, we walk on concrete, and we forget to kick off our shoes and play in the mud!

A very interesting article on the biological affect of grounding the human body while sleeping was recently published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information and can be found at Please read this!

 Remember not to neglect mother EARTH.  Get in touch with the earth (barefoot on the ground – not concrete). Just getting out into nature can be highly effective at reducing ADHD.   Get outside and reduce your child’s ADHD symptoms. Any person with a neurological issue (e.g. autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc.) should consider this as a must modality to use.

I think back to my childhood in Africa, and I now am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be in touch with the Earth, from the village, to high school in the mountains of Swaziland.  For those of us here in Portland, Oregon, we are blessed with Forest Park.  Let’s get our kids outdoors as much as possible. 

Grounding pads are being said to offer faster recovery after exercise or stress. This is a unique way to detox and increase your anti-oxidant levels while you sleep. Put this pad on your bed and connect it to a cord that grounds it to your home’s electrical system. By doing this, it indirectly makes sleeping on the earth possible from your bed!

Grounding pads can be ordered from:

 I know this is the first time I have written about this intervention.  It makes sense; it’s safe and relatively inexpensive.  What if this one intervention allowed for a health breakthrough?  

If you get a grounding pad for your child, please let me know what happens.

Dr. Paul


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