Aspartame In Your Milk?

NoAspartameContinuing to pass the word along regarding the very negative effects of aspartame, I give you the following:

If you would like the dairy industry to be able to add aspartame to your child’s milk without having to label that it is there, then ignore this.  If this idea horrifies you…. please send comments to our government officials about this one!


Diet soda drinkers (aspartame) have higher rates of type-2 diabetes.  See


Diet soda drinkers (aspartame)  have more depression!  See


Daily consumption of diet soda (aspartame) results in a 47% increase in heart attacks and stroke!  See 

Drink two diet sodas (aspartame) daily and reduce your kidney function by 30%


Drink 1 diet soda a day (aspartame) while pregnant and increase risk of pre-term labor by over 30% (4 a day + over 70%).  See


I owe a lot to doctor Woodrow Monte, author of “While Science Sleeps“,  for so clearly explaining how aspartame does so much damage and is likely the major cause of the current epidemic we are seeing of heart disease, stroke, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, cancers, Autism, MS, Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid issues etc. His book explains the connection in a way that even this non-chemistry reader could understand. 


The number one health move to make NOW – no more aspartame!  No diet drinks or foods, read labels, and do everything you can to get tobacco out of the lives of those you love.


Dr Paul

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