UN, WHO Panel Calls Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals a ‘Global Threat’

tomatoswith clipping pathPlastics and Pesticides seem to be most worrisome in disrupting our endocrine system.  This is a BIG DEAL for developing brains.  When the thyroid is suppressed while pregnant, the developing brain can be harmed in significant and permanent ways leading to lowered IQ, hyperactivity, impulsivity, etc.  BPA and phthalates are known to disrupt the endocrine system, but the report linked below raises concerns that we must not ignore.


“Such diseases include male reproductive problems, pregnancy complications, certain cancers, obesity and brain development. Many factors can cause these diseases, but the report concludes that given how fast some are rising, environmental chemicals are likely playing a role.”

“Fetuses, babies and young children ‘are not just little adults’ and are the most vulnerable to hormone-altering chemicals since their bodies are still developing, the authors wrote.”


Practical tips:  Don’t cook or microwave in plastics.  Avoid canned foods (the cans are lined with plastic). Avoid storing foods in plastics (especially the acidic foods). Use glass or ceramic containers to store foods. Avoid buying foods that have been stored in plastics.  Pesticides, flame-retardants, plastics, and cosmetics represent large exposures and even dental sealants may pose a health risk.  


Read the report here:  http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/2013/who-report



Dr. Paul


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