EPA Toxin Report

toxic-signAs parents it is up to us to protect our children to the best of our ability from toxins.  While most of us can tolerate some exposures without significant harm, many of us are getting exposures that harm our immune systems and in the case of pregnant moms, girls who will some day carry a child and young children, even low level exposures may cause significant harm to the immune system, the genetic code, or to the developing brain. 


Here are just a few suggestions:

1.  Eat organic.
2.  Drink filtered water.
3.  Avoid aspartame (artificial sweeteners).
4.  Vaccinate sensibly (e.g. – not give 330 micrograms aluminum while pregnant with the Tdap, or the Hep B with it’s 250 micrograms aluminum for a newborn, 2 mo and 6 mo if mom doesn’t have Hep B).

5.  Cook on stainless steel and glass (avoid Teflon).
6.  Avoid BPA and certain plastics.
7.  No pesticides in the home or yard or on pets.
8.  Don’t treat lice with pesticides. 
9.  Protect toddlers from household cleaning agents and use the safest, least-toxic products that you can.
10. Careful with makeup and hair products.

Read the EPA’s toxin report at

Dr. Paul

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